Episode 228: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Rails!!!

**SPECIAL GUESTS TUI AND CORI FROM WATCHTOWER** Their weakness is the Pee-Wee Herman song. He shows up already dead. Wingman me! Ain’t no bitches gonna rob no money. Are they gonna bone? Everything is Breakfast Club! Can you femsplain it? You’re not allowed to have another show! If I was animated, we would be bone. I could masturbate to this rumor. What did I eat today? You consumed media. Smart so good.

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Ever feel like the “chic geeks” don’t get you? Do you still get teased for being a furry, or knowing every possible piece of Star Wars information (far more than what mainstream geek culture finds “socially acceptable”) Is your WOW life more real than your real life? Come, my darlings, and be welcomed! Give me your tired, your poor, your Bronies, your convention Trekkies, your otaku, your cosplayers… fly your freak flags high and welcome to the fold! Weirdos are celebrated here!
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