Episode 167: Gerd Dermot!!!!!

Dem jomocha shakes tho. Officially I have nothing to do with Arby’s. Unofficially everything is nothing. I’m sorry my best friend is shedding. I am full of accidents. I don’t even get out of bed for less than Avengers’ money. Robert Redford and that one nazi ruin everything. We are a lot like sharks. No one ever asks, “How’s a good boy?” I heard you all like vaginas! That sweet, sweet Prius blood. Can I be your nanny Jude Law? I think it will be too whispery. How would Jason Statham sound with a chicano accent? Nuclear Whosey Whatsey? Impeach Pedro!!

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Ever feel like the “chic geeks” don’t get you? Do you still get teased for being a furry, or knowing every possible piece of Star Wars information (far more than what mainstream geek culture finds “socially acceptable”) Is your WOW life more real than your real life? Come, my darlings, and be welcomed! Give me your tired, your poor, your Bronies, your convention Trekkies, your otaku, your cosplayers… fly your freak flags high and welcome to the fold! Weirdos are celebrated here!
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