Danielle Reviews Things: TMNT – Out of the Shadows

As a pretty big fan of the original teenage mutant ninja turtles, I was super skeptical of the first installment of Michael Bay’s take on the franchise. When I saw the trailers for Outlook of the Shadows a sense of nostalgia contained in them piqued my interest. I went in nervous, worried if they had changed any of the turtles’ original personalities. They had not. Everything was as it should be. Mikey was hilarious, sweet, and a goofball. Donatello was brilliant and inventive. Raph was still moody and a bit of a brute. And Leonardo was the leader, believing in the greater good and still a total boyscout. It’s a fun movie the whole family will enjoy, with plenty of action, humor, and heart. It’s far from a perfect remake, but it was still tons of fun. 3.5/5

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